GE-RA-CO COMPANY DOO is a family business established in 2002.

It was established with a view to the sale of veterinary medicines enters a new more modern dimension of business and the necessary medication quickly, accurately and with appropriate technical support is delivered to the customer’s address.

Our business philosophy

As a family company we are working to preserve the long-term increase in the value of our company. We are committed to sustainable growth to achieve continuous development. The basis of our success are commitment to our ambitious but rational goals that we set before us. This enables us to tasks that require responsibility easily solve both today and in the future.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide a unique and comprehensive service, promptly and in any place. For us, this means that, all along the production chain both in nutrition and care and protection of animals in zdravtvenoj, each group of clients we can offer them the most suitable products and services. Our wide range of services alike can be beneficial to producers of livestock production, veterinary pharmacies, veterinarians in veterinary clinics, animal feed factories and specialized shops for pets To achieve its commitment and synergy of our activities in the areas of wholesale, retail and manufacturing. In this way, we are the perfect link between manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry for veterinary medicine, feed industry and our patient-animals. Together with its employees shape our future and we continue to pursue sustainable and efficient management of the company to long-term success.

Our mission

Our mission is to preserve the animal health and production of healthy and quality food for people. As one of the leading vendors in the field of veterinary medicines, raw materials for animal feed and pet food, along with the wholesale, retail and manufacturing, we take care that the products we distribute to be at the right time and the right place in all parts of our country. Time every day make an important contribution to the maintenance and improvement of livestock production: it includes logistics for manufacturers of veterinary medicine in Serbia, support to veterinarians by providing services and reliable logistics, professional advice and overall optimization of supply. Among our customers is nearly 500 buyers, veterinary stations, pharmacies, farms, feed mills, pet shops, consumers as well as numerous companies in the livestock production industry.

Our strategy

His work is being directed to the needs of our clients. Successful customers and contribute to our success. Excellent service is the key to our progress. On the one hand, this means that in their daily work we strive for the highest possible quality, and on the other hand take care of the costs. As a responsible company, we are guided by the principles of social responsibility and environmental protection.

Our business culture

The application of successful experiences and business solutions is what drives us forward. The essential advantage over the competition is constructive cooperation with all our customers and suppliers. Everyday we learn from each other by a continuous exchange of experience best practices and encourage the thinking that goes beyond the field of action. At the same time we are characterized by high speed response. This enables us to respond flexibly and quickly to all requests.

Our values

Our work is always based on values ​​that apply in our company. They are the foundation for the daily fulfillment of our mission to preserve the health of animals, and the production of healthy and quality food for people.


We do what we say. We provide services of the highest possible quality and reliability. We encourage individual skills, potential and motivation, having our employees, in order to continue with the improvement of services for their clients. Constructive cooperation that goes beyond national borders and the implementation of successful concepts is what gives us a decisive advantage over konkurencijom.Pouzdan we partner in all subjects and areas related to animal health and welfare. For us it is very important partner and open mutual cooperation both with customers and with suppliers. We are distinguished by constant development and consistency in the implementation of new ideas, and thanks to its stable business structure constantly improve its business strategy.


Action, not reaction: we are committed to clear targets and advanced, quick decisions aimed at the results, as well as for structured cooperation. We are familiar with tržištimem Serbia and its challenges. Through constant mutual exchange, which we achieve with each other, but also with their customers and business partners, we have an excellent insight into the market. This enables us to establish appropriate expectations and react flexibly to changes. We provide adequate support at any time.

With respect

Animal health and welfare are very important for every country, if we have healthy animals and healthy people, we will have! Awareness of what determines our actions. In compliance with all legal standards, we engaged in the sustainable development of our organization. Our strategy of success is the effective use of resources to attain the highest possible profitability. Ethically correct and appropriate way of dealing with business partners, competitors and our employees is our top priority at all times

The business complex consists of:

Warehouse wholesale veterinary medicines

Warehouse for pet food

Retail store-veterinary pharmacy

Public customs warehouse

Everything is equipped to the highest European standards.
Today the company GE-RA-CO COMPANI D.O.O. It employs 13 workers.
Six employees have VSS (5 doctors of veterinary medicine and one computer engineer).